Dear Zachary | Month 1


Dear Zach,This first month has flown by so fast. It feels like I just blinked and all of a suddenly the month has gone by.
You’ve added to and have completed this family in ways I can’t explain. You’re so loved by your big sisters and everyone in our extended families.

I love your little quirks right now, even though sometimes they’re frustrating. Like the fact that you won’t nurse if you have a dirty bum. And that you need to be wrapped up tightly (arms in!) to fall asleep. And, sometimes, you hate your soother to the point of spitting it out and then falling asleep right away. You also love snuggling with Mommy (and sometimes Daddy) in the big bed in the mornings, wrapped up in our arms. 

You are such a content baby that as long as you’re fed and changed, you’re happy to be held or to sit in your bouncy chair while Mommy does stuff around the house and you keep an eye on her. You’re not much of a crier or screamer (unless you’re hungry or dirty), which is really nice seeing as your sisters make all the noise for you. It also seems that you love listening to Mommy’s podcasts when she’s busy in the kitchen, and just are content to sit in your bouncy chair and stare at me. You love going for walks in the stroller and am pretty content to sleep through it all while enjoying the summer sunshine.

Also, the first comment from almost everyone who sees you for the first time? LOOK AT THAT HAIR!! Yes little dude, I love all that hair. What’s even more hilarious is that you are currently nicknamed “hairy little monkey” due to having so much hair all over your body, especially your back.

Thank you my little Zach-Man for making this family complete.



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