Zach’s Birth Story

3 weeks overdue and here it is finally!

Just a refresher for those of you who aren’t up to date, I had to have a scheduled C-Section due to having 2 previous C-Sections for the girls. The hospital that is in my town doesn’t allow for a VBAC after 2 C-Sections and if I really wanted to push for it, I’d have to drive to the city for all my appointments. 2-hour round trip for a 10-minute appointment is not my cup of tea. So a scheduled C-Section is was.

The morning of July 7 came early, of course. Thankfully it was just me and Keith as my Mom had taken the girls the night before so that we didn’t have to wake them up at 6am to drop them off. After Keith having his breakfast (fasting for myself sucks) and me grabbing a shower, we headed to the hospital around 6:30am.

Of course when we got there, there was a mix-up in paperwork which meant that we had to wait for a bit to get everything straightened out. And once we got on the elevator, I got a call from the Maternity Ward, asking if I was coming in. I just have to shake my head at some stuff.

One of the downsides of having a scheduled C-Section is that I don’t get the nice big Labour/Delivery rooms. Instead, I get a regular hospital room (all to myself), as apparently all C-Sections get the overflow rooms. Which ticks me off quite a bit because I don’t have the room that the Delivery rooms have, and I have to share a bathroom with the room next to mine (ugh).

The nurse was pretty fast at getting me prepped and even managed to find a vein in my arm for the IV instead of in my wrist or elbow. Yay!! And bonus part was that they now do the catheter after doing the spinal. Double yay! Once everything was ready to go and I was hooked up, they wheeled me off to the OR and Keith went to go get changed into his scrubs.

Getting ready in the OR took a bit longer than expected. They were still setting everything up (apparently I was first on the list) and they had to finish getting me ready. Which meant doing the Spinal (and it worked perfectly this time!) and hooking me up to the Blood Pressure machine and getting me ready. I was getting a bit impatient with all the waiting that I had to do.

Once they had everything set up, they started their work while the nurse went to get Keith. Thankfully he was able to keep me distracted throughout the procedure until they got the little guy out.

They safely got the little guy out and quickly checked him over before handing him over to me. Unlike with the girls’, I was able to put the little guy on my chest so that I could do skin to skin with him while the doctors finished up. That was so refreshing.

As for naming the little guy, we used the name that we’ve been hanging onto since Violet was born. 6 years later, I’m finally able to use it!

img_6032Say hello to Zachary Keith Neufeld! He came in at 7lbs, 20 inches and perfectly healthy.

While I was snuggling with Zach, the doctors quickly did the Tubal Litigation and finished sewing me up. And in case you’re wondering, the Tubal Litigation was discussed way ahead of time. We knew that this would be our last baby and since I would be open on the table, it made sense to do a Tubal Litigation right away and get it done with.

Keith went with Zach to get him cleaned up and weighed while they wheeled me into the Recovery Room. And once again, I was able to ask for Zach once the nurses were done with him. Newborn snuggles are the best. Unfortunately for me, I started having a slight itchy reaction to the spinal medication, which meant that I was itching like a beast. Thankfully they were able to give me some Benadryl to help with the reaction.

And of course, no spinal would be complete without the puking when it wears off. I swear, everything within the first 1-2 hours of the spinal wearing off made me nauseous and wanting to puke.

img_6145The rest of the weekend passed slowly and painfully. We did get some visitors and the girls were able to come see Zach on Friday evening. We did have some nursing issues (waited to long to nurse due to being nauseous and had some latching issues), but within 2 days of being home, we’ve figured it out and it’s going smoothly.

A couple big downfalls about being in the hospital for a couple days was the constantly being checked on by nurses (or being forgotten about), my room being insanely hot in the afternoon and the nurses fretting over Zach because he was breathing a bit too fast and was warm to the touch. They even went so far as to order him a chest X-Ray (which came back clean!) and came to the conclusion that it must be because the room was hot. I basically wanted to smack the nurse and told her “I told you so.”

I was never as glad as I was to leave the hospital Sunday afternoon. And be able to actually sleep in my own bed.

img_6128So glad you’re here little guy.


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