3rd Pregnancy Update


Hi there! 

With 2 days to go until my scheduled C-Section (!!), I figured it might be time to do an update on this pregnancy and how me and the little guy are doing. 

This pregnancy has been a bit harder than the girls were. He’s been head down the entire time and starting to cause quite a bit of pain, as well as messing around with my sciatica nerve in my right leg. Never mind the restless leg syndrome that’s been bothering me at night. Although I did find out that with drinking enough water and taking magnesium supplements helps with the pain. And 3rd trimester insomnia has kicked in fully. Which means that I’m only sleeping roughly 6 hours a night. 

Phew! Can you tell that I’m ready for him to get out?

And just for kicks, here’s a comparison from my 4-week photo to my 38-week photo (😳!!)

The bonus part is the major nesting that has kicked in. I’ve made about 3 weeks worth of meals for the freezer, which is a mixture of oven- ready meals and slow cooker meals. I also made some easy snacks for the fridge and freezer.

His room is fully ready and my bag is sitting by the door, ready to go Friday morning.

But we finally get to meet him Friday morning!!


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