Day in the Life | June 20, 2017


Yesterday I participated with Ali Edwards for Day in the Life. I’m still trying to do it monthly right now, so it was a perfect opportunity to get June’s DITL done and recorded.

I think overall it was a pretty good day to document. The only thing that I really miss is getting Keith in the picture more. Right now it’s a bit harder than usual as he’s working some longer hours than we’re used to. But it’s a season that we’re in and I just have to remind myself to get more photos of him when I can.

All photos were taken on my iPhone 6S today as it’s the camera that’s always with me. Any photo editing is done in Pic Tap Go (still love it after a couple years). 


6:45am | Finally dragged my lazy, sick, pregnant self out of bed, get dressed and made my way into the kitchen for a fresh cup of coffee.
7am | Keith is out of the shower and starts making his breakfast while I get the girls up and start on their breakfast.

8am | Keith leaves for work, the girls finish up breakfast and get ready for the day and I do dishes before I have to take Violet to the bus.

8:15am | I comb and do Violet’s hair up into a ponytail before we leave for the school bus. It’s getting to the length that it needs to be put up daily, otherwise it’s always in her face.

8:30am | Out the door to take Violet to the bus stop. 

8:45am | Once Violet is on the bus and headed for school, me and Dominique always check on the garden, especially the strawberries. Hopefully the birds will leave them alone!

9am | Grab myself a cup of iced tea, my knitting and sit down on the couch with Dominique to watch King Fu Panda on Netflix. It’s a nice way for both of us to relax in the morning and also (hopefully) gets the little guy to relax so that we can go on a walk later.

10:30am | Working on setting up the little guy’s Project Life Album while Dominique has her morning snack.

11:15am | Snacks all ready for the Splash Park when Violet gets home!

12:30pm | A walk to get Slurpees and then the Splash Park was in order as soon as Violet got home from Kindergarten.

2pm | On our way home, with a very sleepy Dominique.

2:45pm | Finally back home and watering the garden. Had to replant some cucumbers yesterday, and the entire garden needs a bit of loving.

3:30pm | Snuggles with Dominique on the couch while we watch The Incredibles.

4:30pm | Supper of Chicken Noodle Casserole ready to go in the oven! Usually I try to have supper ready for 5, but seeing as Keith’s shifts run a bit later, I make sure that supper is ready when he gets home so that we can have a meal as a family.

5:20pm | Someone is excited to see that Daddy’s home!

6pm | After supper, a little bit of outside work was needed. The girls played at the neighbours place, I weeded the garden (which is a bit difficult at almost 37 weeks pregnant) and Keith sanded some more of the shed to prep it for painting.

8:15pm | Since 7pm, we’ve gotten Snacks done, separate baths done (complete with hair washing), second round of dishes done and put the little one to bed. 

8:40pm | Had to run an errand to get Keith some more sinus pills and decided to grab myself a treat as well.

9pm | Violet in bed and prayers said. Dominique is already passed out and snoring.

9:45pm | Watching my niece (who is waiting for her Mom to get home) and nephews (who are in bed) for a bit.

10:30pm | Back home and getting ready for bed. Last thing to do every night is make sure that the coffee pot is ready for the next morning.


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