Day in the Life 2017 – May 22, 2017


7:30am | As usual, Dominique is the first one up, so I get up with her, grab a cup of coffee, and put on Finding Nemo. Violet joins us a couple minutes later, so I pull out the hide-a-bed for them to lay down on and grab my knitting while I sit on the couch and start off the dreary/rainy holiday Monday relaxing.

9:30am | Once Keith is awake, the girls’ grab some breakfast (banana for Dominique, cheese whiz toast for Violet). Keith leaves for the gym and I make myself a cup of Chocolate Chai tea while the girls’ finish breakfast and go back to watching cartoons.

10:30am | As always, Dominique comes running up to the sink, pushes a chair over and says she a going to “help” with dishes. I think she just likes playing in the water and the bubbles.

11:30am | On our way to the in-laws to drop off some plants and decided to quickly grab some food.

12:30pm | Visiting the in-laws for a bit and the girls’ are burning off lots of energy downstairs playing “Pup Fu!”

1:30pm | Back home, put Dominique down for a nap, Keith and Violet both geeking out and I’m making myself a fresh cup of Chocolate Cinnamon Tea and relaxing.

2:30pm | Bring Violet to a friend’s birthday party and then go home, start folding a couple loads of laundry, and take a short nap while Dominique is still sleeping.

4:30pm | With both me and Dominique up, we cuddle on the couch and watch a couple episodes of Paw Patrol before I got Violet from the birthday party.

5:30pm | With Violet home from the birthday party, I start making supper: Farmer Sausage and Perogies with homemade cream gravy.

6:30pm | With supper and dishes done, I bring out the baking supplies to make Cadbury Mini Egg cookies with my “helpers”.

7:30pm | Cookies done and cooling, Keith brings out his last teddy bear from his childhood. It’s in need of some reconstructive surgery, so I sit down at the table and sew some seams closed.

8:30pm | With both kids in bed, me and Keith both relax in the living room until we head to bed around 9:30.

Not my most photo or journal heavy day, but it still works. I think the problem with today was that it was raining all weekend and I just wanted it to stop so that we could go outside and play .


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