Week in the Life 2017 in the Album


I finished up my 2017 Week in the Life album about a week after the project ended, but I haven’t posted my finished layouts on here.

A couple things I found out this time around:

1) I really need to think ahead a couple weeks (or even a month) and figure out what shots I really want to get, journaling prompts, etc. and write them all down. I found out as I was going through my photos at the end of the week that I had no family shots and very few of Keith. Which really sucks. Any photo that I was in was taken either with the self-timer or selfie-mode. And that sucks.

2) I should really save up some money and buy the digital kit for next year. Ever since I had to wipe my old laptop (and forgot to save all my digital stuff), and then got the new laptop, I’ve been struggling with digital embellishments. And for some reason, I never get around to buying the digital kit for the year. Making it a scrapbooking priority.

3) I really need a creative push to get me out of the rut that I’m in right now. I realized that a lot of my photos (and days) look a lot a like, but that’s the stay-at-home-Mom right now. Maybe next year I’ll attempt to do this project in the physical form.

Anyways, I did all my layouts in the Project Life app, and just kept it easy/simple this year.

2017 WITL - Title Page

2017 WITL Monday 01

2017 WITL Monday 02

2017 WITL Monday 03

2017 WITL Tuesday 01

2017 WITL Tuesday 02

2017 WITL Tuesday 03

2017 WITL Wednesday 01

2017 WITL Wednesday 02

2017 WITL Wednesday 03

2017 WITL Thursday 012017 WITL Thursday 022017 WITL Thursday 03

2017 WITL Friday 01

2017 WITL Friday 02

2017 WITL Friday 03

2017 WITL Saturday 01

2017 WITL Saturday 02

2017 WITL Sunday 01

2017 WITL Sunday 02

2017 WITL Sunday 03




Thanks for reading!


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