Week in the Life 2017 | Sunday Words & Photos


Happy 3rd Birthday Dominique!!!!

5:28am | Up early again for work. Thankfully I start a. It later on Sunday’s, but not by much.

6:12am | I managed to sneak my phone past my boss (shhh!) and grab a photo of the sunrise as it was coming up. I can’t see them from when I live, and with my work overlooking a park, it’s perfect. And the colours were amazing!

10:32am | Got sent home early from work as it was completely dead, so I got the girls’ and myself changed and got ready for church. 28 weeks pregnant with the little guy and I’m starting to feel like a small whale!! Also noted, I usually don’t wear make-up (ask the hubby), so I decided that since I had some extra time before we had to leave, that I’d put some on. Just basic stuff, but it does make a difference!

11:47am | Enjoying the message from Pastor Kris this morning. And it’s always good when we can make it to church and Sunday School. And as always, I have my notebook for notes and a tea with me.

12:35pm | Picking up Dominique from her new Sunday School class. Because she turned 3, she got moved into a new room and she did awesome! No potty accidents and she stayed dry the entire time!

2:53pm | With Keith gone to work, laundry switched over, Dominique napping and Violet playing a video game, I lay down for a short nap as well.

4:13pm | After a short nap, I grab a quick shower and change into sweats and one of Keith’s t-shirts. At this point in my pregnancy, his shirts fit better than most of mine!

4:20pm | My Mom stopped by to give Dominique her birthday gifts. More colouring books and socks! And of course, tickles with Grandma.

5:17pm | FaceTime call with Daddy. The girls are always excited to talk to him for a bit and we manage to chat for a bit as well before he had to go back to his work.

5:41pm | A late supper tonight of Taco Tater Tot Casserole. Filling and satisfying. 

6pm | Start working on folding/putting away 5 loads of laundry from yesterday and today. A lot of it was the girls clothes.

7:05pm | While Violet works on putting her laundry away, I sit down and get sucked down the Pinterest rabbit hole for Bullet Journal ideas. I’m trying to find a system that will work for me and help me get stuff done/keep track of stuff. Did an experiment with the Habit Tracker and I really like it!

8:15pm | With both girls’ ready for bed, I sit down with them to read them a bedtime story. Tonight’s story of choice: Wreck-It-Ralph.

9:12pm | While I was sitting on the couch, working on a blog post and my planner, the little birthday girl came over for extra hugs. Guess she thought that now that she’s older, she needs more loving.

Day By The Numbers:
Hours slept: 6hr 47min

Fitbit Steps: 8,418

Cups of coffee/tea drank: 3

Cups of water drank: 2

Loads of dishes: 1

Loads of laundry: 5

Uploads to Instagram: 7

Texts sent: 2

Meals in: 3

Meals out: 0

Weather: 5*/-1*

Photos before edit:

Photos after edit:


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