Week in the Life 2017 | Saturday Words & Photos

4:45am | I have the extra early morning shift at work this morning and walk into the living room to see Violet and her cousin Maddy sleeping on the hide-a-bed. Sneaky picture for the win! And although I like working the 5am-1pm shift, I’m looking forward to no more 4am wake-up calls soon! Also, noting the messy kitchen on my way out. 

4:57am | Getting to work with seconds to spare. Sleeping in wasn’t the plan this morning, but luckily I’m not that far from work. And I was even on the floor on time!

7:33am | Waking up late also meant that I forgot to grab food from home before I left. And seeing as I can’t eat the breakfast that we have at work (little guy doesn’t like it), I settle for some muffins. Not the most nutritious, but they will do.

10:50am | Really busy day at work means that I need an energy boost around this time. Ice cappuccino it is!

1:29pm | Finally done work for the day and need to run to the grocery store to pick up a couple items. Yes, a Cherry Pepsi is in there, don’t judge me.

1:45pm | Walk in the door to find Violet sitting on Daddy’s lap while he plays some Minecraft on the computer. He works evenings on the weekends, so the girls’ soak up as much time as possible with him between work, school and studying.

3:02pm | Realizing that I might want to thaw some Farmer Sausage patties before heading tommy Dad’s this evening for supper.

3:09pm | While Violet plays Minecraft on the PS3 (and Dominique naps), I go for a short nap as well. Saturday’s completely wipe me out and I usually need a short nap to keep on going.

4:24pm | My sister picked us up to go to my Dad’s place (Keith took the van to work), and we both needed some tea. Earl Grey for the win!

5:21pm | I realize that this is the only photo I took while at my Dad’s place. I’m not sure why, but I don’t take a lot of photos there, unless something spectacular/awesome happens. 

7:53pm | Back home and snacks for the girls. As always, they inhale their food and get back to going crazy around the house.

8:04pm | Did I mention crazy before? Dominique finally found out that she’s tall enough to see herself in the bathroom mirror. Which means that she has to constantly make faces at herself.

8:11pm | While Violet quickly cleans Elsa’s cage, she makes sure that “Elsa is a pretty as a Princess for her wedding day!”

8:30pm | Bath time for the small kid. She was a mess, so she got a tub filled with bubbles to make her happy.

8:53pm | As always, bedtime prayers with the girls. Violet usually does them all by herself and always makes sure to pray that everyone will “have a good sleep and no bad dreams.”

9:35pm | Way past my bedtime, but I put the finishing touches on yesterdays blog post and finish uploading photos before heading to bed.

Day By The Numbers:
Hours slept: 5hr 50min

Fitbit Steps: 8,580

Cups of coffee/tea drank: 4

Cups of water drank: 1

Loads of dishes: 1

Loads of laundry: 2

Uploads to Instagram: 4

Texts sent: 6

Meals in: 2

Meals out: 1


Photos before edit: 62

Photos after edit:


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