Happy 3rd Birthday Dominique!!

Dear Dominique:

Happy 3rd Birthday my little big girl! In celebration of your birthday, here’s 10 things about you right now!

IMG_32291) You love your sister, mommy and daddy. You’re always eager to snuggle with any of us, but especially Daddy in the middle of the night.

img_17972) You really love your blanket. It’s hard to find you without your beloved blanket and you make sure to have it with you at all times, especially if we are sitting on the couch and watching a movie.

3) Favorite cartoons: Paw Patrol, Octonauts. Favorite movies: Sleeping beauty, Moana

4) You love all food, but you’re picky on sweets. Which is OK. Although I do have to watch my fruit and veggies, otherwise somehow they go missing and I find you in the fridge, eating them away.

IMG_32025) You love playing outside and going for walks. Whenever I mention that we’re going outside or for a walk, you quickly run to grab your sweater and shoes and start heading out the door without me! It doesn’t matter where we go, you’re always happy to be outside and in the fresh air.

6) You are very smart and mischievous. You’re quick to figure things out and are constantly on the go. You’re started counting from 1-9 and trying to say some of the alphabet as well.

7) You are my early morning riser. Most mornings you are up between 6:30-7am and either come find me or go sit on the couch until I come find you and then ask for a movie or cartoon. And you’re pretty content and happy to be up that early.

img_35378) You love reading with Mommy and Violet. It doesn’t matter what book I grab, you’re usually the first one in my lap and asking me to read to you. Even if Violet has a book, you’ll go up to her and listen to her read.

9) You’re very talkative! I always hear you talking, especially while I’m driving or during a walk. And you’ll talk about everything and anything.

img_444310) You love to help me in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter whether it’s making food on the stove, anything to do with baking, cleaning up or doing dishes. You’re always willing to “help” even if it does make a big mess.

Thanks for being such a happy little girl. We can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

Mommy & Daddy



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