Week in the Life 2017 | Friday Words & Photos

IMG_3229Waking up to a little Dominique crawling into bed with us around 6:45am. Of course she snuggles with Daddy first thing in the morning.

IMG_3231Surveying the kitchen mess from last night. Oh well, guess my morning got a bit more busy.

Making breakfast for the girls’ and coffee for me and Keith.

IMG_3243Giving Violet a little bit of coffee (Daddy’s idea). She had been asking to try my coffee and I said no (my first cup of the day, don’t blame me!), so Daddy gave her a tiny bit to try and she exclaimed “I love coffee!!”

IMG_3255Feeding Elsa the Guinea Pig. Dominique gave her a carrot and Violet does the rest of the food.

IMG_3260Getting ready for school. Violet’s pretty good about doing most of the stuff by herself, especially combing her hair and brushing her teeth.

IMG_3266Reading to the girls’ before school. The girls’ always look forward to this part of the morning and trying to see how many books they can fit in before Violet has to get ready for the bus.

IMG_3284Working on my blog post from yesterday and photos.

IMG_3268Watching Dominique and my niece Maddy enjoy watching Sleeping Beauty while I get some work done.

IMG_3272Making Chocolate Fudge cupcakes for Dominique’s birthday party this evening. Yummy!!

IMG_3277Washing more laundry. I’ll see if I can get around to folding/putting it away before we have to leave.

IMG_3296Watching Dominique figure out how to climb things to get what she wants. She pushed the chair from the kitchen into the hallway so that she could get her sidewalk chalk to play with outside.

IMG_3300IMG_3302Enjoying some fresh air outside with Dominique while we waited for Violet to get home from school. Dominique played with her sidewalk chalk while I read.

IMG_3310Eating mac & cheese with hot dogs for lunch. Always a win around here.

Doing more dishes and cleaning up the kitchen before we leave for the rest of the day.

IMG_3331Prepping for our trip to the city for Dominique’s birthday party. Small backpack stuffed with extra clothes (for Dominique) and snacks. Cupcakes in the containers.

IMG_3332Fuelling up the van. Sigh. Hate how much it costs to fuel up.

IMG_3333Walking around the mall to kill some time. The girls’ got popcorn from Kernels and I think we made their day.

IMG_3336Loving that one of my kids loves the bookstore. It was hard to get her out of there! And just like her Mama, she wanted ALL the books.

IMG_3343Loving watching these 2 interact. Especially when we’re in the mall and they hold hands to stick together.

IMG_3355IMG_3360IMG_3366IMG_3383IMG_3394Celebrating Dominique’s 3rd Birthday at Great Big Adventure with friends. We were there for almost 3 hours and the kids all had a blast.
IMG_3405IMG_3411Seeing some wildlife in the city. We saw some deer across the road and some Canada Geese in the parking lot. The kids were very excited to see them.

Day By The Numbers:
Hours slept: 8hr 8 min
Fitbit Steps: 8,560
Cups of coffee/tea drank: 4
Cups of water drank: 1
Loads of dishes: 1
Loads of laundry: 2
Uploads to Instagram: 5
Texts sent: 10
Meals in: 2
Meals out: 1
Photos before edit: 183
Photos after edit: 54


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