Week in the Life 2017 | Thursday Words & Photos

IMG_3149This morning started off really early. Dominique had crawled into our bed somewhere between 2-4am and woke up when my alarm went off at 6am. And the entire time she was in our bed, she was sleeping, but squirming like unreal. I don’t think me nor Keith slept well.

Me and Dominique sat down on the couch to watch Sleeping Beauty until Violet got up shortly after 7am. I got the girls’ breakfast ready and grabbed a cup of coffee for myself.

IMG_3154Once Keith was out of the shower, I quickly had one. Sometimes it’s nice to feel like a human first thing in the morning.

IMG_3165As usual, I did reading with the girls’ before Violet went to school. I think they like the snuggling with Mommy more than the reading some days.

IMG_3202IMG_3201Once Violet was on the bus, I did some work on my blog post and then got myself and Dominique ready to go for a walk. She wasn’t too happy that I refused to pick up the rock and stick she threw to the ground, so she screamed/cried at me for a couple blocks, and then realized that she wasn’t winning and it was just best to sit back and relax. Our walk ended up being almost 2 miles and although my pelvis hurt like a witch, it was nice to get outside, some fresh air and some little bit of exercise

IMG_3190IMG_3205IMG_3212When we got back onto our street, I let Dominique out to walk. She was more than happy to out of the stroller. And once we were home, I let her play outside with the sidewalk chalk while we waited for Violet to get home. And once Violet was home, they coloured for a bit on the driveway before heading inside for lunch.

Most weekdays, I let Violet chose what they want to eat for lunch. Today was leftovers and fruit, which always wins in this house.

IMG_3184IMG_3214When we were done lunch, I did some work on my grocery/menu list while the girls’ cleaned up a bit. I try to make sure that I have my grocery list done by lunchtime on Thursdays, as I usually go grocery shopping after I’m done work in the evening.

IMG_3215And because Dominique was up extremely early this morning, afternoon nap was mandatory. She was getting to be a beast with her attitude, but once I put her down, she was sleeping within minutes. I laid down for a bit as well, while Violet played MarioKart on the DS.

After a short nap, I quickly did my dishes and finished up my grocery list. And crossing my fingers that I didn’t forget anything on my list.

IMG_3220IMG_3222Me and the girls’ had to pick up Keith from college, so I got changed into my work clothes and I had to wake up Dominique (who you can clearly tell that she was not happy), put both girls’ in the van and go get Keith. I did get to spend some time with Keith before heading off to work.

IMG_3223Thankfully, I did get off from work early. They have been putting me on storefront (instead of Drive-Through) in the evenings, as it’s less stressful for me and I don’t have to run around like a chicken with my head cut off.

IMG_3226IMG_3227I did go grocery shopping afterwards, which was nice to do it sans kids. It doesn’t take me as long and I’m not as distracted. I managed to get everything that I needed, under budget!

Once I got home, I brought everything inside, put the girls’ to bed and put all the groceries away while Keith finishes up some studying for an exam tomorrow.

IMG_3228As most evenings. I do a bit of work in my planner for tomorrow (big day!!), had a quilty treat, grabbed a nice hot bath and crawled into bed.

Day By The Numbers:
Hours slept: 9hr 25min
Fitbit Steps: 7,657
Cups of coffee/tea drank: 2
Cups of water drank: 2
Loads of dishes: 1
Loads of laundry: 0
Uploads to Instagram: 8
Texts sent: 4
Meals in: 2
Meals out: 1
Weather: 13*/0*
Photos before edit: 79
Photos after edit: 44


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