Week in the Life 2017 | Tuesday Words & Photos

6:10am | up shortly after 6am, grab a cup of coffee, say goodbye to Keith when he goes to the gym, sit down and listen to a podcast and work on some knitting.

7:02am | Go get changed out of pyjamas and into regular clothes. Also get the girls’ up and start getting ready for school.

7:18am | Back in the kitchen while the girls’ slowly make their way and get breakfast going. Cheese toast for both of them and start Keith’s eggs while he’s in the shower. Today is an 8:30 school start for him and he’s running behind.

7:45am | Both girls’ are done breakfast, so they go get changed while I grab all the bedding to throw into the wash.

8:02am | Me and Violet sit down on the couch so that she can do her morning reading. She reads me one of her beginner books and I read “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie”

8:10am | Keith leaves for college and my Mom shows up about 2 minutes after he leaves. We chat for a bit and then she takes Violet to the bus stop while I stay inside with Dominique.

8:45am | With Violet and my Mom gone, I put on Lilo & Stitch for Dominique and proceed to put together my Slow Cooker Beef Stew for supper and do all the dishes.

9:30am | I do a quick photo dump on the laptop from both cameras (my iPhone and DSLR) and double check my blog entry for yesterday’s post before publishing it. Also read a couple WITL blog posts and start planning on how I’m going to put mine together.

10:30am | Grab the clean laundry from yesterday and today and proceed to start folding and putting it away. Dominique always says that she wants to “help,” but what she really wants to do is bounce around on my bed and make Mommy pull her hair out. Thankfully I was able to get it done without the toddler making me go too crazy.

11am | Quickly tidy up the bedrooms and living room so that I can vacuum. Especially the girls’ room. Having a Guinea Pig in there makes the floor a bit more messy than usual.

11:30am | Me and Dominique head out the door to get Violet from the bus. As usual, Dominique is always excited to see Violet come home. We have a quick lunch of waffles and bacon. Violet devours hers and then goes to put all her laundry away while Dominique fights with me about finishing her food.

1pm | I get the girls’ out the door, grab the stroller and Violet’s bike from the shed and we proceed on our short walk to the hair salon. Violet’s been asking for over a week to get her hair cut shorter, so I made an appointment for her and she’s thrilled that she’s finally getting it cut.

1:20pm | Get to the salon and Violet goes for her hair cut. Dominique is a complete handful, but manageable. They stylist cuts off a couple inches off of Violet and it looks so much better! And of course, Dominique wanted a cut as well, so the stylist was kind enough to trim up the ends a bit and her bangs.

2pm | We get home and I kick Dominique straight to bed. She was starting to get really cranky and whiny, so sleep it is. I work on another round of dishes (!!), make some hot chocolate for me and Violet.

2:40pm | With Dominique napping and Violet playing Minecraft, I finally sit down at the kitchen table to do my Bible Devotions. Violet turns off her game after a bit, grabs her Lego and sits down at the table with me, playing quietly.

3:20pm | Keith gets home from college and Violet happily runs over to him to show off her new short hair. Keith changes into regular clothes and then asked Violet if she wants to go for a walk with him. She said yes, so she gets her sweater and toque on and asks to get her bike again. She’s so happy anytime she gets to ride her bike. Once they leave, I finish up my devotions and curl up on the couch for a bit to rest my eyes.

4:15pm | I get up as I hear Violet and Keith get home. Turns out that Violet fell off the monkey bars and right onto her butt. Keith went back out for the rest of his walk while I took Violet to the couch to console her. I called up my best friend Sabrina and a couple minutes into our conversation, I noticed that Violet had fallen asleep in my lap. Once I got off the phone with Sabrina, I snuggled with Violet for a bit before moving her to our bed so that she could sleep some more.

5:15pm | I get Dominique out of bed and let her watch some Paw Patrol while I get supper ready. Keith gets in, so the 3 of us sit down at the table for supper. Keith went to get Violet up shortly after 6 so that she could eat supper as well.


6:32pm | I took the girls outside to get some more fresh air and to work in the garden a bit. There’s a lot of leftover weeds from last year, and I did manage to pull out some. Dominique ran around the yard while Violet watched me from the back steps.

7pm | We head back inside as the wind is pretty chilly. Violet goes to watch Daddy play Minecraft while I toss Dominique into the tub and I finish folding the rest of the laundry and make everyone’s beds.

8:15pm | I kicked Dominique to bed and toss Violet in the tub. I do a quick clean up of the house and then do a photo dump onto the laptop from my phone and DSLR. After Violet is done her tub, she has a quick snack and goes to bed. Keith sits down at the table to do some homework while I catch-up on journaling.

9:45pm | My best friend Sabrina shows up for Girls’ Night and we decide to go for a walk. A Slurpee and 3km later, we’re back at my place, chatting and doing some scrapbooking.

Day By The Numbers:
Hours slept: 7hr 20min
Fitbit Steps: 12,475
Cups of coffee/tea drank: 2
Cups of water drank: 2
Loads of dishes: 2
Loads of laundry: 2
Uploads to Instagram: 7
Texts sent: 3
Meals in: 3
Meals out: 0
Weather: 7*/-2*
Photos before edit: 184
Photos after edit: 51


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