Week in the Life 2017 | Monday Words & Photos

Hello and welcome to my 2017 Week in the Life! I’m playing along with Ali Edwards again this year, and still loving this project. This is my 4th year doing this project, and I still love it.

For today, I used the prompt “Around Here” as my photo/journaling prompt, as it’s one that I can easily use for everyday type of stuff.

Around Here, me and Keith both slept in, due to us ignoring our alarms (no school for him today). I did breakfast duty this morning while letting him sleep in.

Around Here, the girls’ were up around 7:30 and I got them their breakfasts: jam toast for Violet and scrambled eggs for Dominique. And coffee for me.

Around Here, I’ve got a serious headache starting up and (what feels like) a million things to do before Violet goes to school, so my morning cup of coffee is very welcome.

Around Here, while Violet is getting ready for school and Dominique is watching Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), I quickly write in my planner what I need to get done today.

Around Here, I take Violet to the bus stop while Dominique and Keith stay inside. It’s chilly out!!

Around Here, Keith leaves for the walk-in clinic to get some stitches pulled and I quickly hop in the shower while Dominique continues watching Sleeping Beauty.

Around Here, I get the laundry going and start working on the pile of dishes sitting beside the sink, taunting me and calling my name.

Around Here, my nephew Payton gets dropped off after finding out that there was no daycare today. Aunt Jen to the rescue!

Around Here, Dominique loves to play in the rinse water “helping” me with dishes and making “soup.”

Around Here, Keith gets home from getting stitches pulled and heads to the gym. No school for him today means that it’s a bit of a lazy day for him.

Around Here, I get the bathroom cleaned up and collect laundry from around the house.

Around Here, I love that these 2 cousins play nicely together.

Around Here, I sit down at my laptop at the table and start catching up on some scrapbooks that I’ve fallen behind on. Also, 2nd cup of coffee to the rescue.

Around Here, I put Paw Patrol on for Dominique and Payton while I go get Violet from the Kindergarten bus stop.

Around Here, all 3 kids (!!) request PB&J with a side of strawberries for lunch. And they all eat nicely (for the most part)!

Around Here, I start working on my 2015 Week in Review photos. I thought I had it done, but can’t find it anywhere. And a Booster Juice on the side from the Hubby.

Around Here, Violet quickly cleans Elsa’s cage (the Guinea Pig) so that Dominique can go down for a nap and we all have quiet time.

Around Here, Quiet Time can consist of a couple different things. Today it’s Dominique napping in her room, Payton playing with Lego in the living room, Keith and Violet playing/watching Minecraft on the PS3 and I’m tidying up the kitchen before laying down for a bit.

Around Here, Violet was showing me how short she wants her hair cut tomorrow and I asked her if she wanted it as short as Payton’s. “No! I can’t go that short! I don’t have a boy voice!”

Around Here, I lay down for a short nap before working this evening. Having slept crappy last night doesn’t help my energy or my mood and I find that I feel much better and more energized if I have a short nap in the afternoon.

Around Here, Payton gets picked up around 2:30pm and Violet asks if she can go to her cousins place. I said sure and told my brother-in-law that I’ll pick her up around 8pm when I’m done work.

Around Here, I grab all of Keith’s school dress shirts from the washer, put the collar tags back in them and hang them from the shower rod to dry so that they’ll be ready when he goes back to school tomorrow.

Around Here, I go to work for a couple hours Monday evenings. Thankfully I was kept busy for the 4 hours I was there.

Around Here, I pick up Violet from my sister’s place after I’m done work and she’s excited to see me. And she behaved herself and ate all her supper.

Around Here, we get home and Dominique is excited to see me and Violet again. They finish watching Paw Patrol with Daddy and then do a quick clean up and have snack.

Around Here, both girls’ get a quick bath as Dominique had an accident in the bathroom, so she needed a clean up. Might as well do both at the same time!

Around Here, I put both girls’ to bed, change into pyjamas, grab some tea and my knitting and sit down on the couch to work on my knitting while Keith plays Minecraft.

Day By The Numbers:
Hours slept: 7hr 42 min
Fitbit Steps: 6,861
Cups of coffee/tea drank: 3
Cups of water drank: 2
Loads of dishes: 1
Loads of laundry: 4
Uploads to Instagram/FaceBook: 4
Texts sent: 11
Meals in: 3
Meals out: 0
Weather: 6*/-1*
Photos before edit: 161
Photos after edit: 47


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