April 2017 Goals

In trying to keep up with my 101 list, I’ve gone ahead and starting making my goal lists for the next 6 months and hoping (crossing my fingers) that it will hold me more accountable than in the past.

I picked a couple easy ones to start off with and then hoping to go from there.

1) Work on my Daily Step count of 7,000/day:  My daily goal is 7,000 steps per day, but most days I have a hard time hitting that, unless I’m at work or have gone on a nice long walk. I’m really hoping to start being a bit more active (thank goodness for Spring!), and seeing if I can consistently get about that step count every day for the month.

2) Work until the end of April: My last day of work is April 29, and I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to it. This little guy is sitting as down low as he can go, and it’s causing a lot of pain when I have to run around constantly at work and not really get any breaks (2 15 minute breaks over 8 hours do not cut it when you’re almost 26 weeks pregnant). And because of Keith starting a new job, it makes sense for me to leave early.

 3) Celebrate Dominique’s 3rd birthday: My current baby turns 3 at the end of the month and I’m a bit sad about it. Although I am very happy that she is doing so great and continue growing and learning.

4) Keith pass final exams and Year 1 of College: He had final exams at the end of April, so we’re both crossing our fingers that he passes and continues on to Year 2.

5) Pass my 26 week Glucose test: The test that I always dread when pregnant. Ugh. As long as I pass it, we’ll be good.


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