Currently 13/52


Reading The Magic of Motherhood by the writers over at Coffee & Crumbs. It’s so good! I’m not even done it, but I highly recommend any Mama out there to get a copy!

Watching The Iron Fist on Netflix. I’m just getting into it, but it’s proving to be a good one!

Cooking some more new recipes and crossing my fingers that they work.

Knitting the Dr. Strange square. I was hoping to be done it already, so I’m crossing fingers that I can get it done today.

Going on a Family Date this evening! So looking forward to getting out of the house.

Loving how much the little guy is moving.

Hating that Dominique is showing more of her temper/attitude. I think we’re entering the Terrible Three’s and slightly bracing myself.

Discovering that the little guy is a night owl. He literally kept me up for 2 hours the other night, punching and kicking so hard that it hurt a bit. This baby is going to come up looking like the Hulk!

Enjoying the outside walks that I’ve been able to take with the girls’. The parks still have some snow, but the sidewalks are all cleared and we have access to walk everywhere. And the fresh air does us all good.

Looking forward to only a couple weeks of work left. I’m done at the end of April, and it can’t come soon enough.


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