Day in the Life – March 21, 2017

Welcome to my Day in the Life for March!

Today was a pretty easy day to document and I even made sure to use my big DSLR camera a bit more today to prepare for Week in the Life that Ali is doing in April.

A couple things to note:
1) I really need to work at getting Keith in the photos. My documenting tends to go down when he gets home (no clue why) and I don’t usually get a lot of photos of him (that are appropriate). 2) I also need to work on my self-timing photos for myself and get myself in the photos as well. 3) I also need to work on being a bit more creative with my photos around the house, especially with WITL coming up. When I look back on all my projects, I tend to notice that a lot of my photos look the same.

6am: Wake up, grab coffee and sit down with an episode of Coffee & Crumbs podcast and work on my knitting (currently Dr. Strange for my Geek-Along Blanket).

6:30am: Both girls’ up for the day and snuggle with me on the couch for a bit before getting breakfast and starting the day.

7am: Get the girls’ breakfast of cottage cheese and grapes and clean up the dishes from last night. Keith back from the gym and hops into the shower. I start his breakfast as he’s running a bit behind schedule.

8am: Once everyone is done eating, Violet gets changed for Pyjama Day at school while Keith gets his stuff ready for college and I do all the dishes so that my kitchen looks much more cleaner. Keith leaves for school and the girls’ play around for a bit before Violet has to go catch the bus. My Mom stopped by just before I was going to take Violet to the bus, so I stayed inside with Dominique while Violet walked with Grandma to the bus stop.

SONY DSC9am: I re-heat some coffee and then me and Dominique sit down on the couch to watch an episode of Planet Earth on Netflix while I work a bit on my knitting and she snuggles with me. The little guy finally starts kicking and moving around, which makes me think that he doesn’t like mornings, just like his Mama.

10am: Planet Earth done, starting working on purging the toy room and organizing the toys in the girls’ room. The toy room will become the little guy’s room, so I need to start purging/organizing everything out of there to make room. Thankfully I was able to get rid of quite a few big toys and re-organize everything in the girls’ room to fit their toys in there. Also made a Baby Registry for the little guy as I don’t have much for him.


11am: Start making the dough for pizza buns. I use my bread machine on the “dough” setting to do most of the work for me. Also figure out what we’re having for lunch and what I’m making for my Girls’ Night this evening. Me and Dominique go pick up Violet from the bus stop and then back inside.

12pm: Violet does some toy clean-up in the living room while I get lunch ready. The girls’ get PB&J, cucumbers and cheese while I have Sausage Pancake Muffins (with syrup) and cucumbers. The girls’ hop in the tub after while I put all the clean dishes away from this morning and make myself a fruit smoothie and a bottle of water. I help the girls’ wash their hair, get them out of the tub and changed.

1pm: For Quiet Time today, Violet chose to watch Tinkerbell while I curl up and close my eyes for a bit with Dominique snuggling with me.


2:30pm: With the movie done, I get to getting stuff ready for supper and taking the dough out of the bread maker (forgot about it, oops). Violet started going around the house saying that she’s going to be a Cooker Girl (chef) and Dominique got her rubber boots and sweater on and told me that she was going to work.

SONY DSC3pm: Keith got home from school and we chatted for a bit and then I started getting supper on the stove. Violet was determined to help me, so she pulled a chair up to the stove and help me put all the ingredients for Beef Barley Soup into the pot and stir it for me. Dominique started getting a bit on the cranky side, so I let her watch Moana while I watched supper on the stove.

4:30pm: Supper on the table and I realize that Dominique fell asleep on the couch while watching Moana. Sigh. Knew that would happen. Me, Keith and Violet sit down to eat while we let Dominique nap for a bit. Violet excitedly tells us that she learnt about the Food Groups in school today and going over everything that we were eating and what group it belongs to.


5pm: With supper done, I clean up and get my pizza buns going. Manage to make 18 of them and get my dishes done while they bake in the oven and get ready to go to Yoga.

7pm: Yoga time! This is my 2nd Intro class and I’m loving the time that I get away from the kids and the ability to breathe and relax.

8:30pm: Yoga class ran a bit over, so I quickly head home, give the girls’ their night snack and get them to bed. I quickly grab my phone/camera cords and laptop and get ready for my weekly Girls’ Night.

9pm: Girls’ Night with my 2 best friends and it’s always relaxing to be able to talk to them about anything/everything

12:30am: Finally wrap up Girls’ Night and head my sleepy butt to bed.


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