Hello Baby #3!

So I guess I better fill in on a BIG THING that has happened in the last couple months.

Hello Baby #3!!!

Yup, we’re expecting another little one to join us in late June/early July. We found out in November (the same day we bought the van, lol), but had to keep it a secret until our first Pre-Natal appointment in January. After what happened last time, I didn’t want a repeat of that again.

Thankfully everything is going fine and progressing like it should be. I had quite a bit of nausea for the first couple months, along with morning sickness and food aversions. Now that I can enjoy food again, it’s been going good.

The girls’ are extremely happy that they are getting a baby. The first thing they asked when we told them was “are we getting a brother?” I had to laugh and tell them that we’re just going to have to wait and find out when baby is born.

Other than that, everything is going great. I am getting some pelvic pain, especially when I’m on my feet for so long at work, and the little one is slowly starting to kick when I can feel it. We have our Ultrasound on Friday, so we’ll see how Baby is doing, but we’re not finding out the gender. I’m also slowly getting the motivation to start seriously cleaning/decluttering/throwing out everything in the house, so I’ll take that as a good sign as well.

The only sad thing is that after my miscarriage in 2015, I got rid of most of my baby stuff. I kept my crib, Jolly Jumper, bouncy chair, diaper bag and baby carriers. I had my car seat, but I borrowed it to my SIL and she got into a car accident and it got written off, but I have another SIL who has one for us, so we’re covered there. The only big things that I need to get is another dresser, clothes, blankets and possibly a double stroller. Other than that, we’re slowly switching things around the house to make room for another member!

June/July, here we come!


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