Currently 2017: 7/52


Reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I finished The Kitchen House and The Help within a week, so I needed a something that wasn’t so history-ish heavy.

Playing Super Mario 3D Land on my 2DS. Violet really wants me to save Princess Peach, so I try to play a bit every night before she goes to bed.

Watching Chef’s Table on Netflix. Oh so yummy.

Knitting the Groot square for the 2017 blanket

Doing a lot of journaling and scrapbooking catch-up. It sucks when I fall behind (especially the journaling), but at least I leave notes so that I know what happened that day.

Loving Violet’s Kindergarten report card. 3’s and 4’s across the board!

Hating the headaches and colds that have sprung up around the house lately. Both girls’ got hit with colds and slight ear infections and I’ve been battling headaches on and off all week.

Thinking of planning a Family Date for next week.


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