Currently 5/52


Playing Minecraft with Violet on the PS3. I’m really impressed with her problem solving and her hand-eye coordination is getting much better!

Watching Chef’s Table on Netflix. So. Much. Yummy. Food. 

Knitting the Gambit square for the 2017 Geek-Along Blanket.

Going out with some friends this evening and letting the kids play like crazy.

Loving that Dominique is basically potty trained during the day and staying in her panties all day long! She hasn’t had an accident since last week

Hating that I screwed up my 2016 Geek-Along blanket big time. I accidentally used different yarns when knitting some squares and when I was putting it together, I realized that some squares were bigger than others and makes it almost impossible to put it together. I just want to cry.

Discovering how much Dominique picks up from Violet. She’s trying to count and say her ABC’s and do everything her big sister does.

Enjoying some quiet mornings around here. I’ve been trying to get up around 6am and enjoy some hot coffee and knitting to myself while Keith is at the gym and the girls’ are sleeping before the hustle of getting ready for school.

Thinking of all the small organizational projects I have to do throughout the house. Kitchen and bathroom are first on the list.

Feeling much better as this pregnancy progresses. We’re at 17 weeks as of yesterday and so far everything is still going good.


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