Day in the Life – January 30, 2017

One of my Memory Keeping goals this year was to pick one day a month and document a Day in the Life for the entire year. I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately with my Memory Keeping and wanted to shake things up a bit, as well as find the magic in it again.

This time around  I’m going with an hourly update via a picture and text. I realized that somehow I missed a couple photos, but I really just want the big picture of what goes on in our family on that given day.


6am: Keith is up and out of bed and heading to the gym while I continue sleeping for a bit longer. I usually try to get up around this time during the week to have some quiet time to myself, but I haven’t been sleeping good lately, so I decide to stay in bed a bit longer.

7am: Finally drag my butt out of bed, grab some coffee with my Cinnabon creamer (and didn’t have enough) and sit down with my knitting to try to decide how to put my blanket together. Keith gets back from the gym and Dominique is up to greet him. She snuggles with me in the living room while Daddy showers and we wait for Violet to get up. Once Violet is up, I get them to the table and get breakfast ready and start getting Violet ready for school. Everyone eats their breakfast and Keith and Violet both get ready for school.

8am: Violet gets ready for school, which means brushing her teeth and packing her snack. They have some play time while me and Keith relax on the couch for a bit and chat a little. Got Violet out the door and on the bus and then said good-bye to Keith as he headed out to college as well.

9am: With Violet on the bus and Keith gone, it’s just me and Dominique. She sits down for a bit of Paw Patrol while I do some clean up in the kitchen, get laundry going and wash all the dishes.

10am: Start folding laundry with Dominique laying on my bed as my “helper” while I listen to the Coffee & Crumbs podcast. Also make my to-do list for the day, cross a couple things off already and sit down to figure out my knitting.

11am: Sit down with my knitting and a podcast and alternate between taking some knitted squares apart (I messed up putting some squares together) and having Dominique sitting in my lap. Pick up Violet from the bus stop, empty her backpack (which was full of schoolwork) and get both girls to pull out all the toys from under their bed while I get lunch ready.

12pm: Eat lunch of mac & cheese with hot dogs. Both girls’ inhale theirs and ask for seconds. After we’re done eating, I quickly clean up the kitchen and get meat out to thaw for supper while Violet and Dominique clean up the living room.

1pm: As per our usual routine, I let the girls’ chose a movie after we’re done cleaning up. Violet chose Finding Nemo, so they all pile on or near me. Me and Dominique end up falling asleep, with Violet cuddling in next to me. 

3pm: With the movie done, I let Violet play some Minecraft while I wake up Dominique and deal with a cranky/clingy toddler for a little bit. 

4pm: Keith home from college, grabs his gym stuff and heads to the gym to finish up how workout that he didn’t get to finish this morning. I start making supper of Jambalaya while Violet plays Minecraft and Dominique watches her. 

5pm: Finally sit down for supper close to 5:30, which is when Keith got home from the gym and running errands. Both girls’ have seconds and inhale everything in no time.

6pm: I clean up the kitchen, wash dishes and put food away while Violet puts her laundry away and Dominique watches a bit of Paw Patrol on Netflix. Also manage to spend some time talking with Keith about our days. And celebrate the fact that Dominique has been in panties all day and has had no accidents! Keith preps his lunch for school tomorrow and gets his homework ready.

7pm: I help Violet finish up her laundry (there was a lot) and then grab myself the last of the coffee and sit down with the girls’ on the couch to watch a bit of cartoons before starting bedtime.

8pm: Keith sits down to start his homework and I get Dominique into bed and tuck her in with bedtime prayers. Sit down with Violet on the couch and read 2 books for her school Home Reading Program. Convince Violet that she needs to go to bed a bit early as well, so I tuck her in and do bedtime prayers with her. 

9pm: I sit down on the couch to work a bit more on my knitting (it’s a slow progress), while Keith does some homework. Call it a day around 9:30 and crawl out tired butts into bed.


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  1. Nichole says:

    I applaud your goal to do a day in the life monthly! I thought about it (briefly), then decided there was no way I could do it. Looking forward to the next one!


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