December Daily 2016: Days 8-10


Hi there!

Sorry for the lack of posting my December Daily pages. I caught a really bad Strep Throat and Viral Infection last week that kicked my butt for a couple days. All I can say is Thank God for Penicillin.

Anyways, because I was sick, those days weren’t too eventful, but I did manage to find some stuff to document.2016-december-daily-day-8

Day 8 was a sick day. And I had to work. But one of the ladies on the December Daily o Facebook Group posted a question, asking us to ask Siri (on the iPhone) what she was doing for Christmas. The results were hilarious. So I took some screenshots of the answers that I got and made a page out of it.


Day 9 continued the yearly tradition of buying the girls’ new ornaments for the Christmas Tree. I picked them up while I was grocery shopping and let the girls’ chose which ones they wanted. Violet chose Belle (Beauty and the Beast) and Dominique chose Ariel (The Little Mermaid)


Day 10 was my really sick day. I went to work for a couple hours until my boss came in and as soon as someone came in to replace me, I went directly to to the walk-in clinic. Diagnosis: Strep Throat and a viral infection. Thankfully e Penicillin and eye drops are working and I’m feeling much better!


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  1. Hope you are back on your feet properly soon. His Lordship tried asking Alexa (the Amazon thing) what she’s doing for Christmas, not such funny results x


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