December Daily 2016 – Days 5+6


Hey there! Welcome to days 5+6 of December Daily!

These 2 days were pretty easy to document, and almost too easy to create! Lol.


For Day 5, I used cards from the Merry & Bright Mini Kit in the Project Life App. This day was a bit difficult to think of something to document, but then I remembered that Keith had sent me out to get coffee (a rare treat, as we usually make it at home), and I got myself a Mocha (3/4 hot chocolate and 1/4 coffee) as a treat for myself. And it helps that the Christmas cups are cute as well.


Day 6 was the first snow day of the School Year! Although Violet wasn’t too sure what to make of it. We had quite a bit of snow/ice fall during the night and by the early morning, we had a couple inches, which made the roads bad (and in some places, near impassable), never mind that we still had a winter storm watch going on, with high winds.

I did the journaling on the photo through the Over App, although I did have to play around a little bit to figure it out it. But I got it where I wanted it to bed, and even got a nice photo of my snow covered back yard!


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