December Daily 2016 – Day 4

Welcome to Days 4 of December Daily!

I really like that I didn’t do any prep work at all. And it also helps that I’m doing this all in the Project Life app, which means that there is very little prep to do, which also means that I can focus more on the stories than the product.

I kept the story really simple. I spent Sunday evening wrapping up most of the Christmas gifts, although I did run out of tape, which means that I’ll have to finish the rest up on a different day. But I did get the big ones wrapped up and labelled.



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  1. Wow they are some big presents


    1. Jen says:

      Lol. I wrapped quite a few of them in boxes so that it was easier to wrap everything up.

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      1. I like tricking hubby with little things in big boxes, he’s not good at guessing what I’ve bought


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