December Daily 2016 – Title Page and Day 1


Welcome to the start of December Daily 2016! This project is the brainchild of Ali Edwards and I completely love it.

This will be my 5th year doing December Daily and I love it more every year. This year (like the past couple years), I’ll be using the Project Life app to document and make my pages. I’m looking to keep everything simple and focus more on the stories as they come. My goal is to be able to quickly put together a page at the end of the day and not worry

2016-december-daily-title-pageFor my Title Page, I kept it really simple. I used cards from the O What Fun Christmas Value Kit and Hello December 2015 and just stuck with the year and our names.

2016-december-daily-day-1For Day 1, I started the girls’ Advent Calendars. Violet had made a Countdown to Christmas tree at school, so she can put a sticker on every day until Christmas. We also got them the Chocolate Advent Calendars, so they get one piece per day. I swear it’s the highlight of their day. The journal card I used is from the Hello December 2015 Kit.

I’ll try to keep posting everyday, but we all know how life goes. 🙂


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