Currently 45/52


Watching Luke Cage on Netflix. I’m almost done the 1st season, and I’ll probably start on Jessica Jones and The Crown next. 

Cooking some new recipes this week. Homemade Baked Pesto Chicken was a big unexpected hit in the house!

Knitting my Slytherin square for my Geek-Along Blanket. I think I have 2 more squares to go after this one.

Doing a lot of tidying/decluttering around the house, especially in the toy room. With Christmas coming up, I really need to go through all their toys and figure out which ones they’re keeping.

Loving that me and my sister had a sister night and did some Christmas shopping and saw Dr. Strange on opening night!

Hating that my car is a possible write-off. Keith got into an accident last week (he rear ended someone) and because my car is a 2004, it looks like I might be saying goodbye to it. We are hoping though that we might be able to salvage it.

Discovering that a clean kitchen really boosts my mood in the mornings. I’m hoping to keep it up.

Enjoying the fact that I can continue working on my 2016 Week in Review pages through Shutterfly. I was 12 weeks behind earlier this week, but thanks to easy journaling, I’m only 4 weeks behind now!!

Feeling sluggish and sleepy a lot lately…  


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