Day in the Life – October 27, 2016

I joined Ali Edwards this past Thursday, documenting my Day in the Life. It was a pretty normal day around here, which also means that I have quite a few pictures!

7:33am – Up for the day and helping Violet choose her breakfast. She chooses toast with Cheese Whiz, so I get that ready, as well as prepping tea and coffee for me and Keith respectively. Keith hops in the shower to begin getting ready for school.
7:54am – Dominique is up and Keith finds her sitting in the hallway. He does a quick inspection on her eye stye and mentions that I should probably call the doctor and get an appointment. Dominique chooses “Green Oatmeal!” (Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal) as her breakfast and scarfed it down pretty fast.

8:18am – Violet got herself changed and ready for school, so she was able to have a couple minutes of colouring time before we had to get ready.

8:25am – My always messy bed greets me every time I walk in there.

8:33am – Getting the girls ready to make the short walk to the bus stop. Dominique isn’t too happy about having to put on jackets and shoes.

8:45am – You can tell how mad she was with me 😂

8:58am – Have all my stuff ready to make pizza buns before Violet gets home from Kindergarten.

9:02am – And several loads of laundry to do as well. Sigh…..

9:23am – While the dough for pizza buns is in the bread maker and the laundry is going, I sit down with Dominique for a bit and as always, she makes the funny faces.

9:50am – While Dominique watches some cartoons on Netflix, I sit down at my laptop with my notebook and start working on my weekly menu and grocery list, with some help from Pinterest.

10:43am – Still working on my menu and groceries.

11:00am – The dough is done, so Dominique pulls up a chair to help me assemble it all and get some in the oven before Violet gets home. Her favourite part is putting the sauce and cheese on.

11:36am – With some pizza buns done, me and Dominique go out to the bus stop just in time to see Violet get off the bus. They are always excited to see each other at the end of the school day.

11:41am – Once we’re back inside the house, Violet shows me her stuff that she made in school and I get pizza buns ready for lunch.

12:31pm – After we’re done eating, Violet gets to work cleaning her Guinea Pig’s cage, while I do dishes and vacuum.

1:22pm – Finally get Dominique down for a nap and get Violet to calm down and play quietly for a bit.

2:00pm – After doing a bit more tidying up, I get to lay down for a short nap.

3:00pm – I’m up from my nap and start getting stuff ready for supper.

3:30pm – Violet asks if she can play Mario on the Original Nintendo and my answer is always Yes! I love that she’s been working hard at the game to advance further.

3:46pm – Dominique is up from her nap and promptly walks into Daddy’s arms (he just got home from school) for her morning hugs.

4:00pm – Keith decides to take a walk uptown to check out some of the local used car dealerships, as our car might be a possible write-off.

4:37pm – Supper is in the oven!! Easy Breakfast Casserole with Sausage, Hashbrowns and Eggs from Gimme Some Oven.

4:43pm – Violet made it to 1-4 on Mario!! I was so proud of her for finally getting there!!

5:00pm – While waiting for supper in the oven, I did some work on my Slytherin Geek-Along Square

5:35pm – Supper is ready!!

6:46pm – After supper was done and I was cleaning up, the girls sat down on the couch and looked through a couple books.

7:14pm – My Mom asked if we wanted to go down to my Meme’s place (my grandma) as she was having a really rough day, especially with Pepe’s funeral tomorrow. The girls were happy to see her, and as always, got their nails painted.

Once we got home, I didn’t take any more photos for the evening.


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