Technology Woes


As you may have noticed, I kind of fell off the blogging wagon a bit lately. I will, however, point out that it wasn’t my fault that my computer was being stupid! Really!

About 4 weeks ago, my husband decided that he was going to try fixing my laptop. Ever since Windows did a massive update on it back in April, my laptop has been acting funky and not working to its full capability (like I couldn’t use my task bar properly, running really slow, etc.) 

Enter the husband. 

He ran all the usual stuff and some extras that I didn’t know about. After almost 2 days of working on it (bless his helpful soul), he decided that he’d probably have to do a full wipe and re-install Windows 7 (thank God he had a disk). 

I spent Saturday evening backing up everything and preparing for the fact that I would most likely lose my scrapbooking program, among a couple other things. But at least my photos and journals were backed up and safe!

Before I went to work Sunday morning, he notified me that he might have accidentally crashed my laptop, but that he would take a closer look at it when he got up in the morning.

While I was at work on Sunday, he sent me a photo that he got it back up and running…..with Windows 7. He had a back-up disk laying around, and because my laptop had come with Windows 7 on there, he was able to get it back up and running.

Thankfully it seems to be running better, so here’s hoping I can make it last a bit longer!


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