Currently 39/52


Reading nothing this week. I did pick up some books from the Library, but haven’t gotten into them yet.
Watching the girls playing together, even peacefully sometimes!
Trying to get everything out of the garden before the frost hits. I managed to pull out all my tomato plants Thursday morning while Violet was in school. Just waiting a bit longer on the bell peppers and chives, but I’ll probably pull them within the next week or so.
Cooking some good home meals this week. Beef stew (in the slow cooker), lasagna and some good stir-fry are on the menu.
Knitting the Harvest Moon square for the Geek-Along Blanket. I think I’ve got 4 more to do before I can start joining them all together.
Doing a lot of canning lately. As of today, I’ve done 50 jars of diced tomatoes, 16 jars of salsa (which is Keith’s because it contains his extremely hot peppers that he grew) and going to start doing spaghetti sauce next week.
Loving the mornings that I get with just Dominique while Violet is in Kindergarten.
Hating that I had to overtake the girls’ playroom for a bit. I brought in all my tomatoes from outside and needed a place for them to sit and ripen. So the play room it was!
Listening to my iTunes play list with the girls during the day while Keith is in school. I swear they burn more energy dancing around than they do playing outside.
Smelling the fall smells from my candle that I bought at Michael’s. Combined with the cool, crisp air outside, it’s beginning to feel like fall.


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