Week in Review 2016 – Weeks 24-26

Hello again!

I have to say that it’s nice being able to get back into a (somewhat) regular blogging routine. I really missed it over the summer, so now that it’s cooler outside and I’m not spending majority of my time at the park, I can get back  into my regular writing and scrapbooking.


2016 WIR - 28

Week 24:  This week was when I documented Week in the Life. A lot of good little memories and photos to hang on to.

2016 WIR - 29

Week 25: This week was crazy. Lots of park time, 2 days at Summer in the City and a Garth Brooks Conert

2016 WIR - 302016 WIR - 31

Summer in the City: We spent majority of 2 days at the local fair held here in town every June. The girls rode lots of ride and had quite a bit of fun.

2016 WIR - 322016 WIR - 33

Garth Brooks Concert: BEST CONCERT OF MY LIFE!!!

2016 WIR - 34

Week 26: Pretty laid back week. Lots of time at the park, got Violet started on the original Mario Bros. for the NES and working in the garden.


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