Currently 38/52

Attempting my hand at canning. I’ve tomatoes so many tomatoes coming out of the garden, that I have no doubt that I’ll be able to fill my pantry and then some. Thankfully Pinterest has some really good recipes for diced tomatoes, salsa and pasta sauce. I have a feeling I’ll be doing quite a bit of those.
Watching some new documentaries on Netflix lately. Wild Europe and Narcos are on the top list right now, along with Mrs. Brown’s Boy’s and DareDevil when I can watch them with Keith.
Drinking way too many sugary drinks this week.
Knitting the Geek-Along Square for Portal. Almost done!
Loving that Violet is loving her Kindergarten class and teacher. It’s been a really smooth transition for all of us, which has been a really big blessing.
Discovering some different ways to keep Dominique occupied while Violet’s in school. She’s been enjoying helping me with dishes and canning tomatoes lately, along with just getting some good quality snuggles all to herself.
Feeling a little blah lately. Probably the combination of Violet and Keith both in school, along with me working extra hours to supplement our income.
Hoping that Keith continues to do good in College. So far he’s averaging around an A, but he’s only 3 weeks in. He’s got some pretty high goals, grade-wise, but I know he can do it.
Listening to Dominique conquer more and more words: dinosaur, dragon, red, pink, counting up to 5 (kind of), all her body parts and her name “Nique!”​


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