Week in Review 2016 – Weeks 18-20

Why hello blog! Long time no see (almost)!

After putting off my scrapbooking for a while, I’m finally getting back into it and wondering why I let it sit on the wayside for a while.

I was debating for a bit to go back to doing my scrapbooking Project Life style, but I looked up prices of printing everything off, and doing this size (8.5×11) was still way cheaper than doing a 12×12. I figured I’ll just find a way to incorporate the filler cards that I like to my scrapbook pages.

Once that decision was made, it was pretty easy to sit down one evening and whip up a couple weeks worth of pages. I’m still working on coming up with some new layouts, just so that I’m not using the same designs every time. But I love how these ones turned out!!

2016 WIR - 22Week 18: This was a bit of a busy week, especially for Violet. She had her eye appointment (20/20 vision!) and also her year-end awards for Cubbies. She got her book completion and was very proud of herself!

2016 WIR - 23Week 19: Another busy week for the books. This week included our 8th anniversary, a lot of cleaning, 2 Kindergarten Orientation meetings (why 2, I have no idea), Keith starting his new part-time job (in addition to his full-time right now), and lots of playing outside.2016 WIR - 24Week 20: Another busy week. Lots of baking, outside playing, watching Stars on Ice as my belated Mother’s Day gift (from my Mom), and the usual stuff going on.


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