Day in the Life – August 1, 2016

Welcome to Day in the Life!

The original date for this (if you follow Ali Edwards), was on July 30. But as I work all weekends, it didn’t make sense for me to document a Saturday, when I couldn’t take photos half the day because I’m at work.

So I opted for Monday to do my project. And it was an awesome day to document it. We had planned for Monday to be our Date Day, as the girls were going to be at Grandma’s all day, so we headed out to the city and had some quality time together.



9:00am | This morning started off with sleeping in (!!) and waking up to the morning greeting by this little one.

10:45am | The kids are off to Grandma’s house for the day and me and Keith took a bit of time this morning to enjoy some coffee and catch up before heading out on our Date Day.

11:00am |  On our way for our Date Day!

12:15pm | Got to the city for our Date Day and it’s raining hardcore, so we’re bumming around the mall instead, killing time.

12:33pm | Of course bumming around the mall wouldn’t be complete without stopping in at my favorite tea store. And I came out with a new Thermos (my old one is so beat up) and some new tea.

1:00pm | I found my furry best friend at the Disney Store!!

1:30pm | All you can eat Chinese buffet for lunch! We tried a new restaurant, Ye’s Buffet, and it’s pretty good.

1:36pm | Sushi for days! I personally love sushi, so yes, I was in heaven and I think I tried them all. Oh so good!

2:09pm | Leaving the restaurant. Me and Keith both liked it, although we would go there for lunch only, as supper is quite a bit more pricey. But it was a nice change from our usual restaurants that we go to.

3:00pm | Exploring The Forks and Pokemon hunting in the rain

5:00pm | Got inside and having some lattes to escape the rain. And even though it’s raining, we’re having a good time together and catching quite a few Pokemon as well.

5:45pm |  Just getting ready to leave for home after spending quite a bit of time at The Forks. But this day to ourselves was well worth it. And much needed.


7:45pm |  After being gone most of the day to Grandma’s place, my 2 littles came home!

8:15pm | Putting both girls to bed with hugs and bedtime prayers.

8:30pm |  Both girls are in bed and me and Keith are sitting down and watching Mrs. Brown’s Boys.

9:30pm | And it’s time for bed and hopefully get some good sleep tonight!



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