Currently 28/52


Reading (just finished) The Kitchen House. I loved it. It took me a couple days to get through it, and really loved it.
Cooking a mixture of new and old recipes. Win/win for all sides!
Knitting the Plants vs. Zombies square. I’m doing this one in green and white and it’s turning out so far!
Doing lots of weeding in the garden this week. It’s surprisingly soothing and relaxing to be getting my hands dirty and a nice looking garden at the end.
Going to be a bit busy this weekend. Visiting in-laws, and me and Keith both working. Oh well.
Loving that my garden is starting to bloom. I’ve got flowers up, my tomato plants have some small tomatoes on them, the carrots are growing and the bell peppers are growing (but nothing on them yet). So excited to see what will happen!
Discovering why I dislike potty training. Dominique does everything except go on the potty. She’ll tell me when she’s dirtied her diaper, and everything else, but still hasn’t gone on the potty. Stubborn thing.
Enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. I’ve been realizing that if we’re all getting in a bad mood (which is usually after supper), then grab the kids toys and book for me and head outside for a while. Bad moods lift and all of a suddenly, everyone is much better.
Planning ahead with respect to Keith’s schooling. We find out in a couple weeks when he starts and then I have to adjust my hours at work accordingly.
Feeling a little sad. But in a good way. Violet just got her Kindergarten papers and it’s becoming real that she’s going to school in the Fall!


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