Strawberry Season

Strawberry picking season is here ! Even with it raining last night, we still decided to go, as I didn’t want to roast in the heat next week. I dropped off Dominique at my friend’s place (she was very happy to see her best friend Kianna), and then me and Violet met my Mom and Natalie’s kids at the Fridensfeld Strawberry U-Pick Farm.

It was still a bit chilly out, but it was nice enough to pick. It didn’t take me and Mom long to pick about 9 gallons of strawberries (3 for her, 4 for me and 2 for my mother-in-law). The kids helped here and there, but otherwise it was just me and Mom picking. Took us almost 2 hours, but we had our pails full!


Once we got home, I fed the girls lunch and started working on my strawberries. Managed to get most of them into the sink to clean off and then started cutting them up to put into the freezer (remembering to keep 2 pails aside for my mother-in-law and ½ a pail in the fridge for us to eat).IMG_4604

After Dominique went down for her nap, Violet was adamant that she was helping me with the strawberries. She found a little plastic knife (from her play kitchen), climbed up onto a chair and started cutting strawberries. She was very determined to learn how to cut strawberries properly. It took the both of us almost 1 ½ hours to get through all the strawberries, and then there was the task of freezing them all. I put them onto baking sheets and then put them into the big freezer to freeze individually before putting them into freezer bags. It took several hours to get that all done, but now I have lots of strawberries frozen and ready to use in smoothies, baking and whatever else I can think of.



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