Summer in the City 2016

Summer in the City was this past weekend and the girls had a blast! We ended up going on both Friday afternoon and Saturday morning/afternoon. 

The girls got face painting done, had lots of fun in the bouncy houses and the Kids in the City tent, did some rides and got to meet Rapunzel!

I swear my kids are ride addicts. My Dad had bought them a couple rides on Friday afternoon and it was pretty hard to convince Dominique to get off the rides!

Keith took them Saturday morning and after I was done work, I met them there. We got some more ride tickets for the girls and then Keith had to leave for work. Which meant that I was fielding 2 kids by myself on rides. But it was worth it. They loved going on the rides and Dominique especially was squealing for joy.

I may have had to ask a couple times for Violet to have her picture taken with Rapunzel. She’s shy around grown ups that she doesn’t know, but after a bit, she obliged. Dominique was the same, but she was staying in the stroller.

Thankfully it only rained a bit while we were there, but it was enough to cool off after being in the heat all day long. And it was so worth it!


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