101 in 1001

This is my 3rd (I think) attempt at doing the 101 in 1001 Project. What it is mostly, is coming up with 101 different things that you want to accomplish/do/see in 1001 days (about 2.5 years). Which gives ample time to plan for a trip, do house renovations, etc.

As you’ll notice, my list is made up of stuff for myself, creative, family, house and a bit for the blog. As well as some stuff that I can do in a day (or less) and some stuff that will take longer. A nice mixture of everything.

I did start this project on June 1, but totally forgot to post it when I got distracted with my Week in the Life. Oops.

Here it is !

Start: June 1, 2016
End: February 27, 2019
Completed: 0/101

1) Blog 3x a week for a month
2) Blog about completed goals
3) Keep book list on blog
4) Set monthly goals on the blog for 6 months and write about progress
5) Set up a Blog Calendar

6) 2003-2011 photo albums
7) Dominique’s Baby Book
8) Violet’s Baby Book
9) Finish & Print 2013 Week in Review
10) Finish & Print 2015 Week in Review
11) Finish & Print 2016 Week in Review
12) Finish & Print 2017 Week in Review
13) Finish & Print 2018 Week in Review
14) Make one costume for Halloween
15) Make a quilt
16) Finish knitting the Geek-Along-Blanket
17) Make 3 Christmas gifts
18) Complete December Daily 2016
19) Complete December Daily 2017
20) Complete December Daily 2018
21) Take part in “Thursday 3” on Instagram for 3 months straight and make a photo book
22) Take part in “Currently” on the blog for 1 year and make a photo book out of it.
23) Keep an “I Want to Remember” written journal for each girl for 1 year
24) Use my DSLR camera more

25) Carve pumpkins with the girls for Halloween
26) Complete 5 Pinterest craft projects with the girls
27) Create a memory box for Dominique
28) Create a memory box for Violet
29) Create a memory box for me and Keith
30) Date night x10
31) Do the Love Dare
32) Family Date x10
33) Family vacation
34) Go berry picking
35) Go on a picnic
36) Read Kids’ Bible at bedtime with the girls
37) Run through the garden sprinkler with the girls
38) Have 2 nights away, just me and Keith
39) Make 5 shoe boxes for Samaritan’s Purse
40) Make a will
41) Celebrate 5 strange holidays
42) Make Valentine’s for Violet’s school class
43) Make a garden in the backyard
44) Make a chore chart for Violet and stick with it for 3 months
45) Start a small chore chart for Dominique
46) Potty train Dominique
47) Put up a growth chart for the girls and update
48) Organize kids’s school work and make a system for incoming things
49) Complete 10 random acts of kindness with the kids
50) Capture one photo of the 4 of us twice a year
51) Donate to the food drive

52) Dominique go to the dentist
53) Go to dentist
54) Violet go to dentist
55) Aim for 10,000 steps/day for 6 months straight with my FitBit.
56) No caffeine for 1 week (tea, pop, etc.)
57) Keep nail biting free for 6 months
58) Try yoga
59) Complete the 30 Day Yoga Challenge

60) Make an account that is just for saving up for a Disney Dream Trip
61) Donate 20 things we don’t need
62) Find a filing system for the girls’ art projects/crafts
63) Hang new family photos throughout the house
64) Make 10 new deserts
65) Make 50 new recipes
66) Make 2 new salads
67) Make a homemade salad dressing
68) Put up new trim throughout the house
69) Re-organize all important paperwork
70) Re-paint kitchen
71) Replace side exterior door
72) Set up a proper pantry
73) Try 3 meatless meals
74) Make emergency kit for house and car
75) Redecorate the girls’ room
76) Re-do/redecorate the girls’ playroom
77) Properly organize all scrap booking/craft supplies
78) Properly organize all yarn/knitting supplies
79) Make curtain for the girls’ room
80) Make curtain for the playroom
81) Properly organize all Christmas stuff
82) Properly organize small storage closet
83) Properly organize our room
84) Create a cleaning schedule and stick to it for 3 months
85) Buy a new dishwasher

86) Attend a concert
87) Host a Valentine’s Themed party with my girlfriends
88) Get a manicure
89) Pay for someone else’s food
90) Print out all journals, put them in binders and put in safe
91) Put away $10 for every goal completed (for Disney Dream Trip)
92) Read 40 books
93) Read the Bible completely
94) Stay off my phone (internet)/laptop for an entire day
95) Try a capsule wardrobe
96) Learn to crochet
97) Get to my goal weight of 120 lbs
98) Enjoy a Spa Day with my best friend
99) Make a Morning Routine and stick with it for 3 months
100) Journal about something I`m grateful for, for 2 months
101) Make another 101 list


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