Week in the Life 2016 – Saturday

Welcome to my Week in the Life! If you’re not familiar with the concept of Week in the Life, I suggest that you check out Ali Edwards who started this while thing and check out a couple of her posts to get a better feel for it.

In short, Week in the Life is about documenting your week, as it is right now. Lots of people document this lots of different ways. This week I’ll just be focusing on posting my words and photos here on the blog and next week, I’ll focus on putting it into a photo book.

Like I posted on my Getting Started post, I’m using a different prompt for each day. Today’s prompt is Saturday’s are for.

Saturday’s are hard for me to document. I’m at work from 5M-1pm and then Keith works his 2nd job from 3pm-11pm. Which means that it’s just me and the girls again. And by the final two days of this project, I start feeling burnt out. I feel like all my photos revolve around my kids (let’s be honest, 95% of the time they do), and I really start running out of ideas and creative juices. So I just snapped what was going on right now and called it good enough.


Saturday’s are for waking up really early. I start work at 5am and try to be there around 4:30 so that I can get a couple things done before my shift starts.

Saturday’s are for going to work when it’s still dark outside.

Saturday’s are for an early breakfast to get me through the morning.

Saturday’s are for a much needed caffeine boost mid-morning. 

Saturday’s are for having a nap after Keith leaves for work and Violet and Dominique are still sleeping.

Saturday’s are for assessing the catastrophe that is my sweater closet. Oops.

Saturday’s are for Violet waking up in a much better mood than she went to sleep in. Apparently it was a rough morning.

Saturday’s are for Assessing the girls’ closet and realizing that Dominique has way too many dresses (!!)

Saturday’s are for writing down the weeks menu on the whiteboard. It helps keep me on track for what I’m making during the week and keeps us in budget as well.

Saturday’s are for making an easy (and new) supper. It was a hit!

Saturday’s are for Dominique being really attached to her blanket. She had gotten it dirty, but didn’t want to give it up to the washing machine gods. 

Saturday’s are for Violet to do a couple chores. She had cleaned her play room and said that she wanted to do more cleaning. So I showed her how to wash all the door knobs and doors. I think she secretly liked cleaning because she took a cloth after a cleaned the TV, without me asking her!

Saturday’s are for cleaning the bathroom. Someone’s gotta do it!

Saturday’s are for making sure that there’s leftovers in the fridge for work the next day. And yes, I label them with the date so I know when it goes bad.

Saturday’s are for taking out the compost. “Dirt food!” As Violet calls it.

Saturday’s are for doing more dishes. I swear it never ends.

Saturday’s are for spending some time with my Mom in the evening. 

Saturday’s are for washing the floors on my hands and knees after the kids are in bed. I try to do this about once a week, mainly because my mop doesn’t get everything off my floor and by Saturday, it can be a royal mess.

Saturday’s are for doing some knitting and enjoying the quiet to myself while the girls sleep and Keith’s at work.


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