Week in the Life 2016 – Wednesday


Welcome to my Week in the Life! If you’re not familiar with the concept of Week in the Life, I suggest that you check out Ali Edwards who started this while thing and check out a couple of her posts to get a better feel for it.

In short, Week in the Life is about documenting your week, as it is right now. Lots of people document this lots of different ways. This week I’ll just be focusing on posting my words and photos here on the blog and next week, I’ll focus on putting it into a photo book.

Like I posted on my Getting Started post, I’m using a different prompt for each day. Today’s prompt is Currently. Wednesday’s are always a bit of a struggle for me. As it gets to the middle of the week, I find myself getting into a slump of documenting and photographing. Luckily with this prompt, it was encouraging to document what was Currently going on in our family right now.



Currently grabbing a shower while the house is quiet and the girls are sleeping. Feels so nice to be human, that I question myself as to why I forget to shower some days.


Currently trying to potty train Dominique. She’s got it down that she has to sit on the potty in the morning, but still has yet to do anything on there, except ask for toilet paper as soon as she sits down.


Currently both girls are into cereal for breakfast. Violet loves Mini Wheats and Dominique loves Honey Nut Cheerios.


Currently loving my morning water. I put strawberries and cucumber into my water bottles so that it encourages me to drink more water. I really don’t like plain water, so it does help me that it’s infused with fruit flavor.


Currently loving the blanket tent that Violet built in the living room. They used all my couch blankets and played in there all morning.



Currently eating lots of these Dark Chocolate Acai & Blueberry. The girls go crazy for these, as do I. Yummy!


Currently having to take my Grandmother to her doctor appointment and spending some time with her. Her doctor is located right beside the Catholic Church, so I had to get a picture of it from the side.


Currently dealing with a very tired Dominique. Up early and lots of playing and temper tantrums makes for a very tired and cranky Dominique.


Currently loving that Keith always checks the garden when he gets home. I would, but he planted the garden and knows where all the rows are. I don’t have much of a green thumb and am a little scared that I’ll pull out plants instead of weeds.


Currently loving that Violet is very enthusiastic when Daddy comes home. She always yells “Daddy, you back!” and jumps into his arms.


Currently trying to get Dominique onto potty training. It’s a bit slow going, as she doesn’t want to sit longer than 5 seconds. But it seems that if I give her a book to look at, she’ll sit a bit longer.


Currently making Chicken Burrito Bowls. A recipe off the top of my head, and it wasn’t too bad!


Currently watching The Good Dinosaur with the girls. We haven’t seen it yet, so I sat down with them for the entire movie. Violet seemed to like it, Dominique was too busy running around.


Currently loving watching Daddy dance with his girls. And they love it too.

Day by Numbers:
Fitbit Steps: 4,273
Loads of Dishes: 1
Loads of Laundry: 0
Beverages Drank: 5
Diapers Changed: 6
Uploads to Instagram: 1
Texts Sent: 1
Meals In: 3
Meals Out: 0
Weather: 22*C (high)/ 13*C (low)
Photos/Video taken (before edit): 119
Photos/Video taken (after edit): 33




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