Week in the Life 2016 – Tuesday


Welcome to my Week in the Life! If you’re not familiar with the concept of Week in the Life, I suggest that you check out Ali Edwards who started this while thing and check out a couple of her posts to get a better feel for it.

In short, Week in the Life is about documenting your week, as it is right now. Lots of people document this lots of different ways. This week I’ll just be focusing on posting my words and photos here on the blog and next week, I’ll focus on putting it into a photo book.

Like I posted on my Getting Started post, I’m using a different prompt for each day. Today’s prompt is Today I’m Grateful/Thankful for and it was a really good prompt for today.



Today I’m Grateful for the sleep in that I got this morning. I ignored my alarm and only woke up with the girls around 8.


Today I’m Grateful for so much love from Dominique. I had to close and lock the bathroom door so that I could get a bit of privacy to myself and she just sat down at the door and cried until I opened it again. Apparently we can’t even have a door between her and Mommy. Lol.


Today I’m Grateful that Violet lets me do her hair every morning. And the request is always the same: “a small ponytail please!”


Today I’m Grateful to be able to run a quick errand. We had a light burn out and needed more eggs, so a quick run to the store it was!


Today I’m Grateful for a text conversation with Keith regarding Canada Day. He’s thinking of going to Fun Mountain (our local waterslide park) on his day off so that he can spend it with us.


Today I’m Grateful for some cartoons and movie. Violet was asking for “Blah blah blah” (Hotel Transylvania) and then watched an episode of Octonauts while I did some work on my laptop.


Today I’m Grateful that I was easily able to change out the burnt light bulb and now we have light in the dining room!



Today I’m Grateful for quick lunches. Mac & cheese with hot dogs for the win!


Today I’m Grateful for Violet being responsible for her Guinea Pig Elsa. She cleans the entire cage, fills it up with shavings and does most of the food. She only needs my help with doing water and hay.



Today I’m Grateful for nap times. Let’s be honest. I’m grateful every day for nap time. Dominique has her mandatory nap and Violet opted to play with her Lego at the kitchen table as her quiet time activity.


Today I’m Grateful for the excitement that surrounds our house when Daddy gets home. I saw him in the back yard and told Violet to go out and see him. She ran up to him and then helped him inspect the garden.


Today I’m Grateful for easy, but really good supper. Beef Barley Soup was on the menu and everyone loves it! Plus it’s really easy to make, so win on both counts!


Today I’m Grateful that I’m able to do dishes. I do have a dishwasher, but it’s been broken for years, so I have to do all the loads by hand. Oh well.


Today I’m Grateful for beautiful weather outside so that the girls can play and get some energy out. Blowing Bubbles and Soccer Ball are mandatory every time we go outside. And they have tons of fun.


Today I’m Grateful that Violet is able to do most of her laundry by herself. She managed to get everything on the hangers and folded and just needed my help putting the hangers away!


Today I’m Grateful for my knitting hobby. I’m working on a double-sided Geek-Along-Blanket and this square is the Minecraft Creeper.


Today I’m Grateful for my weekly Girls’ Nights. It’s a much needed time for me and some of my best girl friends to get out of the house (and away from kids) and let us just talk about whatever while we work on scrapbooking/hobbies. At the end of the evening, we’re all relaxed and ready to take on the coming week.

Day by Numbers:
Fitbit Steps: 3,744
Loads of Dishes: 2
Loads of Laundry: 0
Beverages Drank: 5
Diapers Changed: 5
Uploads to Instagram: 3
Texts Sent: 14
Meals In: 3
Meals Out: 0
Photos/Video taken (before edit): 144
Photos/Video taken (after edit): 46


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