2016 Week in Review – Weeks 15-17

2016 WIR - Week 15

Week 15 was a bit lacking on the photos and journaling. I did see Violet writing “Grandma” backwards (!!!) and was very proud to show me that she did that. Dominique had a bit of an ear infection, but nothing major.

2016 WIR - Week 16

Week 16 marked a bit week for the girls. Daddy got them bunk beds on Tuesday and they loved them! Violet is on top and Dominique is on the bottom, although I have a feeling that I may regret this decision in the middle of the night. Violet also had her first Dentist appointment and walked away with a clean mouth and no cavities!2016 WIR - Week 17-1

Week 17 was a crazy week. Besides the usual Pre-School and Awana’s, there were multiple trips to the park, a double-date to the city and celebrating Dominique’s 2nd birthday! The birthday party went pretty good and she got quite a few clothes and dresses for this summer!

2016 WIR - Week 17-2


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