2016 Week in Review – Weeks 11-14

Like i said, catching up on this year’s Week in Review posts!

2016 WIR - Week 11

Week 11 just sucked all around. Dominique was sick for most of the week (feverish on and off and no interest in doing nothing except sitting on Mommy’s lap). Violet started getting sick as well, but she still managed to go to the Pre-School Spring Fair.

2016 WIR - Week 12

Week 12 was somewhat back to normal with Pre-School and Awana’s . Keith also got his acceptance letter for college and Dominique had an night with just Mommy & Daddy as Violet went to Grandma for the night.

2016 WIR - Week 13

Week 13 was lots of fun for Violet. She got to go to a friend’s birthday party, and even though it took her about 45 minutes to warm up playing with the kids, she did great afterwards and didn’t want to leave!

2016 WIR - Week 14

Week 14 meant that is was Spring Break around here, which meant that we had no Pre-School or Awana’s! Made the week feel a little less hectic, but a little bored at the same time. Luckily we were able to spend about 1/2 a day out at my Dad’s place and the girls had lots of fun. I even caught Dominique standing in a puddle of water that covered her ankles and when she came out, she was saying “Wet! Wet!” Lol


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