Day in the Life – March 29, 2016


Yesterday (March 29), I participated in Ali Edwards annual Day in the Life.

I LOVE this project. Even if I did forget to document some stuff (like running clothes errands with Violet and what we ate), but as a whole I love it. It’s a glimpse into our day and what we did.

I posted majority of my photos onto Instagram with the caption as to what was going on. And then I just copied everything over just to make it easier. There are some photos without captions, but they just go along with the daily story as a whole.


IMG_05698:46am | A rough start to this morning means sleeping in for me and the girls which went like this: Violet up around 4:30am puking, which meant doing some clean-up and helping her settle down again // Keith getting up around 5:30 for work and him not feeling well either // Me being so tired that I’m relieved that it’s Spring Break and we can all sleep in.

IMG_05729am | Morning coffee with my Mom

IMG_05869:15am | Of course the girls enjoyed the TimBits that Grandma brought.

IMG_059010:05am | 3 over-flowing laundry baskets means that I’m washing all the bedding today and it will likely be 6-7 loads of laundry.
IMG_059810:35am | While the girls are watching Paw Patrol on Netflix, I’m doing some catch-up in their journals.

IMG_062911:50am | This little one is mad because I told her that she couldn’t join big sister in the tub.

IMG_063612:18pm | Keith home early and sick from work. Thinking it’s possibly strep, but he hops into the tub and then bed for the next couple hours.

IMG_0638IMG_065412:52pm | “I’m just gonna stretch them a little bit high.” Violet has this thing about stretching her socks to look like knee-highs.

IMG_06572:22pm | Me and Violet ran some errands while Daddy (who was home early because he’s feeling sick) and Dominique nap. And now that we’re back home, time to switch the laundry again!

IMG_06782:48pm | While everyone else naps, I’m working on catching up on journals and listening to past episodes of Stuff You Missed in History Class.

IMG_06813:15pm | Naturally strawberry-lemon flavoured water! I find that this is one of the ways that I continue to drink water throughout the day.

IMG_06884:39pm | Got Dominique up from her nap and she’s always insistent that she has to undo the diaper before I can put it on.

IMG_0696IMG_07105:30pm | Love seeing Violet work on her spelling while waiting for supper.

IMG_07217:30pm | The girls usually get a movie before bedtime and tonight’s choice was The Pirate Fairy.

IMG_0726IMG_072811:55pm | Finally got home from my weekly Girls’ Night. I usually try to work on something creative when we get together. Most of the time it’s scrap booking, but today I opted for continuing work on Dominique’s journal. And now my bed is calling my name….


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