Currently 12/52


Reading nothing this week. I do have some books sitting on my night stand, just haven’t gotten around to reading them yet.
Watching Violet master writing everyone’s name, including Papa, Grandma, Meme, Pepe and Elsa.
Trying to find some healthier snacks to eat in between meals instead of looking for chocolate.


Scrapbooking my Travel albums. I’m doing them in Project Life style as I have quite a bit of it kicking around and it’s easy to use for all the memorabilia that I have from all my trips. Also working on catching up in Dominique’s album before her 2nd birthday (!!) in April.
Knitting my double-knit Star Trek this week. I’m almost done it!
Loving that it’s slowly warming up up here. Spring did give us a glimpse earlier this week, but then 2 days of snow came and covered that all up. And now it’s sunny again.


Hating that Violet is still sick and coughing her lungs out. She’s fine otherwise, except for a fever that comes and goes, but she’s slowly getting better.
Enjoying that I’ve basically stopped biting my nails since I went for my Spa date a month ago. I’ve got long nails for the first time in years and it feels awesome!
Thinking about how to re-organize my craft closet and showcase my Scrapbook albums without the kids wrecking them. I do have a couple ideas and hopefully I’ll be able to put them into action next week.


Feeling very tired these past couple days. I think it’s a combination of not taking my iron pills again, going to bed way to late and Keith’s work schedule changing (which totally threw me off balance as now he starts at 8:30 instead of 6am).
Hoping to also get into my pantry and do a re-organize before we go to Costco next week and stock it back full again.
Listening to lots of History on the Stuff You Missed in History Class pod cast. It’s a great way to pass time while knitting and the girls are sleeping.


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