An Update on These Past Couple Weeks

These past couple weeks have been slightly crazy around the house lately.

It started off on March 3 (Thursday). Violet tripped/got pushed while playing tag in Pre-School and got some pretty serious rug burn on her nose. Poor girl. It happened when I stepped out of class to take Dominique to the Nursery, but the Class Teacher was there and saw it happen. Apparently one boy went to tag her as “it” for Tag, and she tripped at the same time, which caused her to plow into the carpet. She did cry a bit, but got back up and went back to playing with the other kids. And when anyone asked her what happened “so and so pushed me!” It took just over a week to fully heal, but it’s looking much better!

The initial rug burn.
A couple days later. Looks worse than it actually was.

And then that weekend Dominique was sick. She spent half of Friday night puking her guts out. Which meant that Mommy was doing laundry after midnight so that I could wash all her bedding and blanket. And give Dominique a tub as well, just to hopefully help her feel better. Which also meant that she was exhausted on Saturday and didn’t want to do anything except cling to me and just sit in my lap. Which worked majority of the day as I was sitting with my grandparents at my Mom’s place while everyone else moved their stuff from their old house to their new house (yes, they are still on their own in their 70/80’s). Dominique ended up falling asleep on me while I was sitting with her on the couch. That totally surprised me as she rarely even snuggles with me, let alone fall asleep on me!

See!! Proof that Dominique fell asleep on me!! (insert all heart emoji’s here.)

That afternoon, after we were done moving my grandparents, me and my sister Sam went to the city to go see Deadpool while the girls stayed home with Daddy. The movie was totally awesome and it was nice to be able to get away from the sickness that is plaguing my house. Keith messaged me saying that Dominique puked/pooped herself so badly that he had to do laundry in order to clean up the mess. Oops. And she wasn’t eating much. Poor girl.IMG_0114

Luckily I had the weekend booked off, but we spent Sunday at home because of Dominique being sick and Violet sounded like she was coming down with something as well.

It took almost a week for Dominique to get back to 100%, and I knew she was better the moment she started scarfing down food in her usual manner. IMG_0108

And then Violet started getting sick. But for her it was just a fever that came and went and was managed with medicine and lots of coughing. She went off her food a bit too, and was lethargic for a couple days, just resting on the couch. Luckily she seems to be feeling better and the coughing is only when she goes to bed now.

Please no more sickness in the house, OK?


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