2016 Week in Review – Weeks 05+06


Welcome to Weeks 05+06 of my 2016 Week in Review!

Week 5 (January 25-31) was pretty good. Lots of time spent with the girls, new stove and fridge delivered (!!!), and just enjoying watching my girls grow up so big. Sigh.

2016 WIR - Week 05

For my Week 05 layout, I grabbed one of my templates that I had made, as well as some digital embellishments, the weekly word art from Ali Edwards, and the digital paper. It all came together nicely!

I do have to say that my favourite photos from this week is the one of Violet with the foals (baby horses) and Dominique helping me with the dishes.

2016 WIR - Week 06

For Week 06 (February 1-7), it was a bit harder choosing photos. I realized that I took quite a bit of Violet this week and not a whole lot of Dominique. I think I managed to even it out, hopefully. Again, it’s another one of my layouts, and I used one of the digital paper that I had on hand.

Favourite photos from this week include Violet’s writing of “Mom” and “Dad,” Keith’s before and after shaving (!!) and Dominique playing by the sink.


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