Memory Keeping Changes for 2016

So I’ve decided to make some changes regarding my 2016 album.

As much as I love working with Project Life, I find it a bit restrictive when using the App. I find it very useful for doing the girls’ albums, but when doing my weekly layouts (or my travel album), I find that I’m getting a bit bored with it. I mean, it’s nice and all for being super simple, but after a while, all the pages look repetitive will the all the pockets the same size, just different layouts.

I think the other problem (for me) is that the pages/albums only come in 8×8 or 12×12. So either really small or really big. And either decently priced or outrageously priced for a print (average price of a 12×12 print is $2), especially when you’re looking at doing a digital book. And that’s just money that I don’t have to throw around for books, even though I’d really love too.

And while I’ve been using the App for over a year, I do find it really restrictive. It’s nice if you just want to add your photos and journalling and keep it really simple. But if you want to add any digital stamps, word art, digital embellishments, you either have to move the photo onto your computer, edit/add in Photoshop (or your program of choice), transfer the photo back to your phone and then upload it to the App. Or you need to open another app (or more depending on what you want), do your stuff on that app and then move that photo over to the PL App.

And so because of all of this, I’m changing my approach for my 2016 album. I’ve decided to go back to regular digital scrap booking in a 8×11 style. I’ve re-done the first couple weeks of 2016 and they look pretty good! The 8×11 style isn’t as big (or expensive) as the 12×12 style and much more manageable for storage.

Making this change actually makes me more motivated to get back into documenting and photo-taking!


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