Currently 4/52


Reading Into the Heart of the Sea. I’m about ½ done, as I’m taking my time to slowly read it and understand everything that’s going on.
Watching the Harry Potter movies with Violet. I’m only allowing her to watch the first couple movies (with me of course), as the last few can get pretty dark at some points for a 4-year-old. But she’s been loving them so far!
Cooking a lot of the usual lately, but also incorporating more veggies/salads into the mix.
Eating more green veggies during the day. It seems to help with my energy levels.
Knitting the double-knit of Kirby. I’m really loving that I’m able to keep on track (somewhat) with the Geek-Along-Blanket this year.IMG_5711
Loving that my new fridge and stove are coming on Tuesday! Our old set is at least 10 years old (I think the stove might be pushing 20) and it was time to replace them. So can’t wait!
Hating that I’ve been catching Dominique colour on the walls with crayons. Luckily they are easy to wash off, but still annoying when I see my beige walls with colours of red, black and green on them.
Enjoying Violet being in Pre-School this year. It’s really helped her with her social and learning skills, especially getting along with other kids and listening to other adults give instructions.
Thinking that Violet starts Kindergarten in September. And she’s proclaiming that she gets to “go to Kindergarten and ride the Magic School Bus!!”
Listening to my girls fight. Sigh. Somehow everything is Dominique’s fault these days. Siblings…..


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