Currently 3/52



Reading Into the Heart of the Sea. I’ve been getting more into non-fiction books lately, especially survival accounts. So far this is proving to be a good one to read.
Drinking way too much tea lately. It’s almost the only thing I’m drinking right now, besides 2 glasses of water in the mornings. Maybe I should change that around…..
Knitting (finished actually) the Mario Kart square for the 2016 GAL Blanket. Took me a bit longer than usual to get it done (thank you girls for constant interruptions), but I finally got it done in time to have a 2-day break and wait for the next square to be released on Sunday.
Doing nothing much this weekend, except working and visiting the in-laws.
Loving that Keith just ordered me a new fridge and stove last week and it should be here in 10 days!!

Hating this whining stage that Dominique is in. I think she’s starting the terrible 2’s a couple months early……..
Enjoying my new FitBit Flex that I bought myself during the Boxing Week sales. It’s been quite the motivator in getting moving. I set my goals at 5,000/day to start, but I’m probably going to have to raise that as I’ve been hitting/exceeding that goal almost every day.


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