Transforming the Kids’ Play Room

We finally got a Play Room for the girls’ set up! This makes me so excited, even if it did take me almost 3 hours to transform that room.

You see, there’s 4 of us, in a not very big house. Granted it’s a decent size, I’m not complaining about that. But 4 of us, on one floor (we rent out the basement for extra $). Luckily, the main floor has 3 decent sized bedrooms, a decent living room and kitchen and 2 storage closets (!!). Back when each girl shared a bedroom, all the toys were in the living room. And then when we moved Dominique into Violet’s room, that room became the Spare/Storage Room over the Christmas holidays because off the Christmas stuff I had to hide from the girls.

So after Christmas was all said and done and I was back to being home during the week (thank you God for Keith’s new job!), it was decided that we’d turn the Spare Room into the Play Room. And crossing our fingers that most of the toys stay in there.IMG_5538

So Monday morning, I went to work. I took everything out, trashed what we didn’t need (like the crib that was 10 years old and completely done), donated what was still good but we didn’t need (exersaucer, play pen). Washed all the walls, vacuumed every nook, cranny and corner, moved some stuff around and started bringing toys back in.

Violet and Dominique were extremely happy that they were getting a Play Room and even helped me move stuff back in. And that dresser came in handy. All the books and tea/food sets are stored in the dresser, with the foam pads and a bin of little toys in the bottom drawer. I also grabbed a bin for all the Mega Blocks and set up all the big toys that the girls got for Christmas. The big bin on the right holds all their stuffed animals, which may include most of the My Little Pony Build-A-Bears. And yes, that is my Harry Potter book collection on top of the dresser.


And even though they have their own Play Room now, the rules of the house stay the same. It has to be cleaned up before bedtime! Otherwise, Mommy may inherit some toys.

I do have a couple plans for this room yet, as in painting and hanging up some pictures/wordart on the walls. And maybe some new curtains.

Now, where’s the paint??…….


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