Currently 2/52


IMG_5563Playing lots of catch-up on my 2015 Project Life album. I’m still working on November and hoping to be done within the next week or so.
Watching a little too much cartoons and not enough for me. It’s a bit harder now that Violet doesn’t nap anymore and she stays up a bit later so that Dominique can fall asleep first before she goes to bed. Hoping to figure out something soon
Cooking a couple more meals inspired by Pinterest this coming week. Crossing my fingers that they turn out.IMG_5501
Drinking way too much caffeine lately. But it’s my friend…..
Knitting the first square of the 2016 GAL Blanket: Mario Kart!
Loving that I’m getting back into my morning routine of getting up at least an hour earlier than the girls for some quiet morning time to myself. Also helps that Keith is up that early, so it gives me some motivation.
Hating early mornings. It a love/hate relationship.
Enjoying hearing Dominique talk more. I think we’re up to 30 words by now.


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